The Board of Trustees Members

The Board of Trustees Members, of Merabi Organization Group.

MOG’s board of trustees are nine members that governed by a popularly elected of four-member on the Board.

The Mog’s board of trustees other five members are appointed (member of Merabi’s family).

The board elected members group are individuals that has overall responsibility for the management of the philanthropy of the MOG and are elected based on their expertise and experience.

Mog’s trustees board will often have a mix of internal and external trustees.

Our board of trustees are the governing body that seeks to ensure the best interest of MOG’s philanthropy in all types of management decisions.

The current Trustees Board Members for 2018-2019 are:

  • Arezoo Y. Merabi, President (Seat No. 7)
  • Adena A. Merabi, Vice President (Seat No. 1) 
  • Gibran Escobar2nd Vice President (Seat No. 2)
  • Kambiz Merabi, (Seat No. 6)
  • Arthur Popov, (Seat No. 4)
  • Natali Abramovich, (Seat No. 5)
  • David Zuckerman, (Seat No. 3)
  • Adiela E. Merabi, (Seat No. 8)
  • Daniela E. Merabi, (Seat No. 9)

Our Board of trustee’s members are elected at large for terms of four years. Elections are held every two years, with two + two members being chosen at one election and three + two members at the other. The President and Vice President of the Board of Trustees are elected by the Board for one-year terms at the annual organizational and regular meeting in July.