The company founded by my great-great-great-grandfather, through a succession of six CEO’s and with a history stretching back over 270 years, it has never left the hands of my family. My father handed the family business down to me and in turn my daughters will continue this great legacy. In addition to running the company, my Father always wished that my brother and I would participate in public service and contribute to charities. You could say that he was attempting to raise philanthropists. Young, ambitious kids look only for immediate results and never thinking of larger things. But my father knew that eventually we would come around. He knew our genes. Philanthropy is now a big part of my daughters’ inheritance.

In 1998, I was privileged to take over the Merabi Organization Group The company’s shift in leadership was a calculated risk. With my family’s blessings, I made some changes, both minor and major. I tripled the company’s assets in less than five years. My education and ambition played a great role in my success but my achievements would not have been possible without the love and support of my immediate family, my wife, my daughters and my parents. Regardless of the mistakes I have made, my grandfather assures me that he always knew that I would succeed in leading the company. You see, my grandfather is more than a businessman. He is a believer. He believes in me and in our family. He taught me to believe.

It was also important to me to fulfill my father’s wish of passing on the family business. Every time my father sees me he says, “Kambiz, you made my dream come true.” This is every son’s wish. Inheritance is every father’s wish and heritage every family’s. My father’s dreams and my family’s dreams are now my outmost dream to accomplish and to bequeath.

Kambiz Merabi

New York, New York


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