Mr. Merabi created a department at MOG in the recoil of the great recession of 2008. (Bursting of an 8 trillion-dollar housing bubble, the U.S. labor market lost 8.4 million jobs, or 6.1% of all payroll employment.)

He invasion a need for better analysis on the CRE market for his company and its endurance.

This department has grown to a highly passionate team of research analysts in the headquarters of MOG Los Angeles, who work to provide the most trusted source of US Commercial Real Estate analysis for MOG.

The MOG’s research team spends countless hours scouring data on each market to collect the evidence for the monthly report conclusions.

Mr. Kambiz Merabi, while he and his team produce copious amounts of data and research, what really sets MOG, and his CEO apart from other CRE companies are his thoughtful perspective, and the team passion on accuracy of the market information.

CRE is a very cyclical business, driven in large part by human emotion and psychology. Mr. Merabi as a leader at MOG has the ability to maintain equanimity and to remain balanced and rational throughout the cycle and look for great opportunities to make his move.

“I love my job because I am surrounded by really smart, talented and likable team along with amazing tenants every day I go to work. Our research team are passionate about right data and information on CRE, on weekly reports they make the most informed decisions possible. Every day, I get asked to solve questions that mostly I don’t know the answer to, but with a team behind me we solve every question with well satisfactory results.” Kambiz Merabi 

Internal Report Distribution Monthly on every first Tuesday of month. (FREE FOR PUBLIC SEE BELOW)

This monthly report analyzes and forecasts the CRE sector trends, rental rate, new and existing units and industry drivers in terms of both residential, and Commercial buildings with a consequential on new building, repair, remodel and construction activity.

This 10+ page report includes:

  • Commercial Office rental market rate and vacancies.
  • Commercial retail rental market rate and vacancies.
  • New residential rental construction forecasts 
  • New residential rental buildings permit forecasts and rental price forecasts for the top 100+ new and existing apartment markets in the country.
  • Trends in the new Mixed used construction sector, including market conditions across 50 major US markets
  • Trends in the existing Mixed used building, including market conditions across 50 major US markets


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