Board of Director Members

The Board of Director Members, Advisers & Committees of Merabi Organization Group (B of D) (Effective July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019):

The board of directors of MOG is governed by twenty-six members that twelve of whom are Merabi family members.

The Merabi Organization Group’s board of directors are assembled as one of the finest and experience teams of commercial rental real estate owner professionals. The board of directors is composed of fourteen executive that are independent board members.

These board members collective experience combines a hands-on management style with a strategic approach to development, leasing, and property management ensuring the MOG’s continued leadership for the next century. This seasoned development and management team combines deep resources and decades of experience in financing, site planning and zoning, environmental reviews, property acquisition, design management, commercial and retail leasing, along with residential rental. These capabilities efficiently guide the development process from beginning to operational and management.

The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Nasser J. Merabi, who has been deeply involved in Commercial Real Estate and the company for more than 65 years.

  • NASSER J. MERABI Chairman of the board, Immediate Past CEO & President
  • MONIER COHEN MERABI Vice Chairwoman
  • KAMBIZ MERABI President, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chairman
  • NADER N. MERABI SVP & Chief Operational Officer
  • Dr. PARI COHEN Executive Vice President & Adviser to CEO
  • AREZOO Y. MERABI SVP, Chief Marketing Officer & Public Relations
  • NILOOFAR MERABI SVP & Chief Financial Officer
  • PEDRAM E. DOUSTAN SVP, Chief Data & Information Officer
  • ADENA A. MERABI    JVP & Chief Communication Officer
  • ADIELA A. MERABI    JVP & Chief Interior Design Officer
  • DANIELA E. MERABI JVP, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel
  • BABACK L. MERABI    JVP, Chief Asset Manager


  • Benjamin Greenberg VP, Director of Development
  • Dr. Michael Brown VP,Director At Large
  • Maria A. Lopez   VP, Director Community Outreach
  • Yen Amy Wang VP, Director of Social Media
  • Ted Kauffman VP, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Debra Smith VP, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Sara Stern VP, Director of Licensing
  • Tara Rubenstein VP, Director of Risk Management
  • Sophia Taylor EVP, Director of Residential Development
  • Reza Abad EVP, Director of Office Development
  • Bandile Abimbola Director of Retail Development
  • Duilio Vadi Director of Hospitality Development
  • Ingrid Nilsson Director of Commercial Development
  • Alice Bernard Director of MOG Global

Jenifer Schwartz MOG’s Spokesperson 

Our Board of directors are elected for four years term. Elections are held every two years, with thirteen members being chosen at one election and thirteen members at the other. The Chairman, Co-chairwoman, President and Vice President of the Board are elected by the Board for four-years terms. The board will meet 10 times a year on every second Tuesday of each months except in August and December from 10 AM to 4 PM.