Members Only

Member Requirements/By Invitation Only 

The Friar Business Lounge sends out invitations to businesspeople seeking, all business associate and colleague who had shown interest by emailing will oversee by board. Once you gain membership, you must be employed and mentor startup business associate or give back 6 hours a month to community to remain a member. 



Memberships are considered every first of the month.  Continued membership requires a completed application, annual membership dues payable in first of the month, and attendance at one event per month. 

E-mailed and mailed invitations with your membership acceptance code are sent every 5th of the month. 

There are some things in life that money can’t buy. The Friar Business Lounge does drive business a point. However. the idea that you are part of an exclusive Business Lounge that very few others can become members of, has its own charm and for most worth the effort and price. A source of envy of others, the Friar Business Lounge is more than the hype around the ‘By-Invite’ culture and only those who have truly experienced it can vouch for it. The Friar Business Lounge is interested in those accomplished, 

professional, and distinguished businesspeople who wish to join our organization. 


Who Can Join? 

Initial membership requires that businesspeople attend at least one entrepreneurial event.  

Members must be willing and able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a distinct contribution to the club. Periodically Members are called upon to join a host committee to jointly sponsor an entrepreneur business advisory event.  The host committee Members design and implement the event for the Friar Business Lounge as well as Members of other Chapters who wish to attend. If you think you are the one email the membership director at: