Our Building Management

Managing our properties is an important part of our overall strategy and enables us to create additional value for our assets over time. We maintain our properties with exceptional detail and undertake physical improvements on an ongoing basis. For our commercial developments, we also devise and maintain an optimal retail tenant mix to ensure the property’s continued appeal. These practices allow us to position each of our properties as best-in-class and help to increase their revenue streams. Our property management functions include maintenance, administration, accounting, customer service, marketing and leasing. These daily activities are certainly monitored and controlled by MOG directors and CEO, which is responsible for budgeting, financial and regulatory compliance. Our approach of providing direct, comprehensive management services under strategic direction of our CEO Mr. Kambiz Merabi enables us to maximize cash flow while protecting the long-term value of each asset. We at MOG are known for our professional, responsive building management and for our philosophy of providing the utmost respect to our residents, tenants, and employees. People who live in MOG‘s buildings can readily attest that our residential management group strives to maintain the highest possible standards in maintenance, administrative efficiency and resident services. These qualities have been instrumental in establishing us as the nation’s finest institutional property manager across the entire economic spectrum. Our property management team consistently performs to the highest professional standards.