Founding Leadership

The Founding Fathers & Entrepreneurism of MOG has been time-Tested Lessons.

Each year on   2nd of January, we at MOG find time to reflect upon that crescendo moment in our great company’s history when Mr. Yacob Jacob Cohen AV laid the foundation for our company, he was a

true entrepreneur before the word was even in use. We like to emphasize that our Founding Fathers’ strong entrepreneurship and business acumen, which set a precedent of innovation and self-reliance in the business development and is an equal contributor to that go-getter, rough-and-tumble of the Merabis mindset.

 Since setting us on that initial business success course in or before 1726, Yacob’s vision inalienable humanity and philanthropy to be part of MOG that has been passed down through many generations, manifesting itself continuously in our company’s bylaws, corporate governance and in  mind and spirit every CEO and employees at MOG.