Licensing Branding

The New and Improved Merabi Organization Group Business Model

Kambiz Merabi positions himself as a luxury real estate visionary, developer, with amazing skills of management and he’s created a remarkable brand for his luxury rental real estate holding.

Trademarking the MOG name

Right after 9/11/2001 Kambiz Merabi started to file trademark applications to get more mileage from his family name and his company. Some publications had put the Merabi Organization Group names on the front of luxury rental properties.

Kambiz Merabi licenses his name for luxury Buildings the way many celebrities trademark their names and use them for product placement. It’s a low-effort, low-risk, high-reward cash flow proposition when the product matches the quality of the brand. After decades of over-leveraged development deals, Kambiz Merabi has figured out how to minimize risk by getting out of the development business and the unknown cycle of the CRE. He lets loans them his, riding his licensing fees to the bank. However he lends them his vision and ideas to be successful.

He always says:

We are in rental business, whether we rent offices, stores, apartments, or my name it is rental and is about revenue. KM 2007

For more information contact Sara Stern Director of Licensing.