Event Booking

Welcome to the 1370 Realty Corporation – Rooftop Lounge, one of the best event venue spaces in the San Fernando Valley area for wedding receptions, special occasions, and corporate events. With a unique space that can accommodate parties of any size and budget, the rooftop offers a high-end atmosphere, exceptional amenities, and outstanding service for every event.


At The Friar Rooftop the Security & safety Is our Priority number One.
Any event up to 50 guess we require two off duty LAPD security. For every 50 guess above the initial 50 we require additional one off duty LAPD security .


Valet Fee Schedule
These prices are figured for a five-hour event:

50-100 people requires one extra valet at a cost of $75.00
100-150 people requires two extra valets at a cost of $150.00
150-200 people requires three extra valets at a cost of $225.00
200 plus people requires four extra valets at a cost of $300.00

Call for more information and prices (818) 817-0006

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