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Christopher Alexander, Architect Who Humanized Urban Design, Dies at 85

A fierce anti-modernist, he championed vernacular structures, becoming a counterculture hero to many, from New Urbanists to software designers to Prince Charles. Source: NYTIMES
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More Private Jets Take to the Skies, Creating Gridlock on the Ground

Developers are rapidly expanding hangar space at airports across the country to keep up with a growing demand for places to park private planes. Source: NYTIMES
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Are the Housing Bears Being Too Rational?

Now that 30-year fixed mortgage rates are flirting with 5%, there’s been quite the uptick in housing bubble chatter. The basic reasoning is because interest rates are higher, the balloon…
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How 2 Industries Stymied Justice for Young Lead Paint Victims

The U.S. insurance and real estate industries have waged a decades-long campaign to avoid liability in lead cases, helping to prolong an epidemic. The cost for millions of children has…
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The Best Room in Your Home? It Could Be the Laundry Room.

Don’t laugh: These days, a laundry room isn’t something to hide — it’s a place to show off. Here’s how to make yours shine. Source: NYTIMES
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